Eastern & Otley College Boxing Academy

The Easton Campus of Easton and Otley College is able to offer places on its Boxing Academy in Partnership with Attleborough Boxing Club. It is a one or two year programme designed to give talented and motivated young boxers the opportunity to develop their skills, fitness and knowledge while continuing in full-time education.

This is an athlete development pathway for those students who demonstrate a positive attitude to physical fitness, a healthy lifestyle, the motivation to succeed at their sport, and a commitment to personal progression as performers. The timetable is planned to enhance the performers training regime alongside their academic qualification. Students have access to a range of coaching and support services.

This option is delivered in partnership with Attleborough Boxing Club using professionally qualified coaches. Students should preferably have some previous boxing experience although this is not essential. Students learn boxing techniques and tactics and there are opportunities for students to take part in competitive bouts after a period of training.

The programme comprises a number of support services to performers including:

  • Services of an appropriately qualified and experienced coach
  • Sports psychology
  • Access to injury prevention and rehabilitation services
  • Nutritional advice/guidance and support
  • Strength and conditioning training
  • A typical programme of study for a sports academy student would be as follows:

  • BTEC Level 2 or 3 qualification
  • A minimum of 4 hours coaching in your chosen sport
  • 1 hour strength and conditioning
  • Additional coaching or leadership qualifications
  • To apply or find out more about the academy programme visit the Easton and Otley College website or contact student services on 01603 731 200 option 1.

    Attleborough Boxing Club's Successful Ireland Trip

    On the 17th of January, lead coach Jon Dennis and coaches Matt Dean and Paul Goulding accompanied by 10 members of Team Attleborough to Co Kerry in Ireland to compete at Trojan Boxing Clubs Mega Home Show.

    For some members it was the first time they had travelled ‘abroad’ to box and one member it was the first time they had been on a plane! For our judges, Richard Caston and Pam Riley, it was the first time they had judged under the new AIBA rules so everyone was looking forward to new experiences. Everyone spent the first day acclimatizing and taking in the picturesque Irish scenery and the boxers went for a run in the beautiful Killarney National Park.

    On the afternoon of the 18th, the team travelled to Lisselton and the home of Trojan Boxing Club. This club had visited England previously to compete on Attleborough’s own Home Show. The show was divided into two parts, with some of the team competing in the afternoon and some in the evening.

    Jack Dolan was the first of Team Attleborough to enter the ring. He had an exhibition bout where he showed his skills against two very capable opponents, with the boys switching opponents after each round. An exhibition bout is similar to a skills bout in England and there is no winner or loser, it is an exhibition of boxing skills.

    Following Jack was Lily Devlin who competed against a very strong opponent. Lily had a slow start to the first round but completely turned it around in the second round and dominated the round completely. When her opponent failed to come out of the corner for the third round, Lily won by TKO.

    Next to compete for Team Attleborough was Santiago Weaver. This was Santiago’s debut performance and he started his boxing career with a bang, stopping his opponent in the third round and winning by TKO.

    Joe Steed was next to enter the ring. He gave a very capable performance also stopping his opponent in the first round and winning by TKO. This was only Joe’s second bout so another explosive beginning to the career of a Team Attleborough boxer.

    Taylor Dean was the last Team Attleborough boxer to box in the afternoon show. Following the precedent set by his teammates, he also gave a very competent performance and he also stopped his opponent in the first round, winning by TKO.

    After such a successful afternoon, spirits were high going into the evening show. Rhys Dolan was the first Team Attleborough to compete in the evening show. He gave a good performance and won his bout on a majority decision. He also was given a trophy for ‘Away Boxer of the Night’.

    Marc Riley was the next to box, and although he gave a very determined performance he lost on a majority decision to a very strong opponent.

    Next to compete was Emma Dolan. Emma gave a very competent performance winning on points in a unanimous decision.

    Milo Clay was up next and gave a very skillful performance losing on points in a majority decision.

    Last to box for Team Attleborough was Douglas Stratton. He boxed a more experienced opponent and showed a lot of skill and determination to win his bout in a majority decision.

    All in all it was a very successful trip for Team Attleborough and an excellent team building experience. Team Attleborough look forward to welcoming Trojan Boxing Club over for their Home Show in March and Trojan also plan to attend a training camp hosted by Alleborough ABC in the summer.

    Picture above shows Attleborough Boxers in the Killarney National Park – left to Right – Joe Steed, Emma Dolan, Lilly Devlin, Douglas Stratton, Santiago Weaver, Jack Dolan, Milo Clay, Rhys Dolan, Taylor Dean ( Team Captain & Marc Riley

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    Our Training Schedule

    Upcoming Classes:

    • Monday (OS) - 1815-1930
    • Monday (OS) - 1930-2100
    • Tuesday (OS) - 1700-1800
      Young Rocky's
    • Tuesday (OS) - 1800-1900
    • Tuesday (OS) - 1900-2015
      Superwomen Bootcamp
    • Wednesday (OS) - 1000-1100
      JD Powered Bootcamp
    • Wednesday - 1830-1930
      Competition Junior Squad
    • Wednesday - 1930-2100
      Competition Senior Squad
    • Thursday (OS) - 1815-1930
    • Thursday (OS) - 1815-1930
      Superwomen Bootcamp
    • Thursday (OS) - 1930-2100
    • Friday (OS) - 1700-1800
    • Friday - 1830-2015
      Competition Junior/Senior Squad
    • Saturday (OS) - 1030-1200
      Junior & Senior
    • Sunday (OS) - 0900-1200
      Junior (with parent/guardian) & Senior
    • (OS) = Open Sessions
    • Junior, Senior & Young Rocky's sessions are mixed. Competition Junior & Senior sessions are for squad members only. Superwomen Bootcamp & JD Powered Bootcamp sessions are for 18+ women only.

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