Look Who Popped Into The Attleborough Boxing Club!

Santa took time out of his busy schedule to visit our Young Rockys on Tuesday evening!

He left Mrs Claus in charge of feeding the reindeer and the elves busy wrapping the last of the Christmas presents so that he could present each of our Young Rockys with a special ABC winners trophy. The ABC coaches and youngsters were delighted by the surprise visit.

Santa told us that he has been watching how hard the youngsters have worked this year and is impressed by how much fun they have each week ...

Young Rockies train every Tuesday from 5 to 5.45, the sessions are games based and non contact, suitable for 5 to 9 year olds. For more information email succeed@attleboroughabc.co.uk or ring 01953 457 329

ABC Pay Tribute To Long Standing Official At Autumn Home Show

Saturday 21st November saw Connaught hall packed as Attleborough Boxing Club held it's 6th annual Autumn home show 'Return of the A-Team'.

Young enthusiastic and dedicated boxers from the age of 11 took thier place in the ring to showcase thier talents and provide the crowd with a fantastic evening of entertainment. The inspiring club bought boxers in from 16 clubs across the UK, from as far afield as Staffordshire and Manchester. The club also paid tribute to Aubrey Day, an England boxing official, who all will know in the world of amateur boxing as he has dedicated more than 65 years in service to the sport. England Boxing representative Derek Roulten proudly awarded Aubrey a long service award to thank him for the tremendous difference he has made and the fantastic service he has provided to the sport of boxing.

The show started off with a bang as 12 year old Daelarrna Blackwell had her first skills bout in front of a home crowd against Tamworth's Shevaun Hathaway. Both girls proudly displaying great footwork and masses of potential. Next up were 12 year old Kyle McKechnie and 13 year old Tom Cash who both put on good displays against thier opponents Alfie Buckley from Allcomers and Dylan Shepard from Norwich Diamonds. Charlie Connaughton showed masses of skill in the first competitive bout of the night against Alfie Smith from Colchester, he worked exceptionally well in the 1st, his opponent just getting the edge in the 2nd, Connaughton finished strong in the 3rd however in a shock decision lost against the Colchester lad. For brothers Tyler and Lewis Bolingbroke the night proved sweet and sour as Tyler was beaten to the punch by Connor Buckley of Allcomers whilst Lewis outclassed Finchley's Martin McDonagh.

14 year old Lewis Nagle made a strong debut in his first competitive bout, after a fast start by Kingfisher's Jack Bell, Nagle caught his opponent with an array of strong punches causing the referee to give the overwhelmed Bell a standing 8 count. Finishing the job Nagle was straight back on the attack knocking Bell to the canvas to win by TKO in the 1st round.

16 year old Levi Dennis had the appreciative crowd on their feet as he stepped into the ring. Dennis's super fast hand speed and rapid lateral movement kept worthy opponent Joe Gonella of Billericay on his toes in a class performance, resulting in a crowd erupting and well deserved win for Dennis. Harry burst and Carlos Fernandez of Kingfisher entered into an all out battle of Wills, Burst's determination continuing the winning streak for Attleborough. Marc Riley starting off well out-speeding Lowestoft's Cameron Wade in the 1st and start of the 2nd round, Wade came back in the later part of the contest resulting in a close bout, the decision went to Wade. Kieran Lancaster and Dylan Parker entered into a bloody war, the crowd erupted as both boys kept courageously coming forward. Lancaster given a standing 8 in the 1st returned the favour giving wade a standing 8 in the 2nd, in the 3rd both boys dug deep resulting in a well earned win for Parker and title of 'Bout of the Night' for both boys.

Nice work from both boxers as Attleborough's Misha Vasiljevs took on Fichley's Patrick McDonagh, Vasiljevs getting the decision in a close fought bout. Heartbreak for Connor Holloway as he stepped into the ring with Ryan Ford of Stubbys Gym, Oldham. Holloway walked through some heavy shots to land his own weighty punches on the strong opponent, both men trading mighty blows. The 20 year old bounced back up as he received a standing 8 count after Ford hit him with a heavy looping left hand in the 1st round. Ford just proved too much for the Attleborough boxer as the referee stopped the contest after another looping left sent Holloway to the canvas once again. Win by TKO to Ford. Rounding off the evening was a hard hitting contest between Attleborough's Micheal Jordan and Kevin Oboh of Finchley. Oboh caught Jordan with a barrage of heavy pouches in the 1st, Jordan came back all guns blazing, catching Oboh with some great shots in the 2nd, both boxers landing hurtful punches throughout the 3rd resulting in a win for Oboh. Home Boxer of the Night was awarded to the determined Harry Burst and Away Boxer of the Night was presented to the courageous Dylan Parker.

Head coach Jon Dennis said "The support we have received this evening from all sponsors, supporters and officials has been tremendous. I would like to thank all of the clubs for attending this evening, all boxers came in bang on weight. These clubs and youngsters are a credit to the sport. The heart and determination put in this evening by every single boxer has been phenomenal. I am extremely proud of Kieran Lancaster this evening, he showed incredible heart and courage in his contest and truly deserved to win bout of the night." Adding "It was a great honour to be a part of Aubrey Day's long service celebration this evening, he is a lovely man who has put in years of service to the great sport and I wish him all the best in his future endeavours".

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